We have two different work areas where we carry out all the operations related to image processing and digitizing documents , as well as sufficient technical means to perform any retouching , modifying or improving the work provided by the customer.

Imposition section:
Document and image processing , testing and, if necessary, retouch or modification of the work , which we can get through any digital or electronic way via FTP .

GMG color management, ISO-certified or fogra COATED 39 color test contrast digital b/w.
Normalization and standardization of files , using UNE- EN- ISO 12647 .

Servers and Macintosh computers MACPRO , IMAC AND G5 .
High-resolution EPSON plotter for color proofs and digital proofing contrast, 70 x 100 . Digital Epson plotter for proofing and printing in flatbed scanner.

Filming Section:
TIFF.1BIT system for digital plate filming.
File generator and filming equipment with Suprasetter CTP thermal laser and Interplate high-quality thermal plate processor.


Our printing area is divided into four different areas, fully equipped for offset printing machines (all Heidelberg), guaranteeing high quality technology and reliability. They are art machines and have the latest technical advances , all with infrared drying . As for the raw material, we use certified paper manufactured with the strictest quality controls and , and exclusively , inks and coatings of the highest quality.

All our machines are 70×100 format and 5 bodies. They have online density control IntelliSet – AUTOPILOT to reduce startup times, paper and ink wastage and increase our quality.

A new six colors Heidelberg SpeedMaster CX-102-6-UV offset printing press, format 70 x 100 cms has been incorporated, acquired in February 2017 with the latest advances in the printing market, the use of UV inks ultra-fast drying combined with a faster print speed and optimized control system at the beginning and during printing, achieve an increase in production capacity compared to traditional offset machines in addition to an exceptional printing quality. In relation to the environment, it incorporates ecological technology of energy saving, with less impact of thermal releases and without ozone emissions.

Storage Area:
Accommodate 500,000 kilos of paper, with two loading and unloading docks.

Administrative area:
Within this area we have the Production department and Budgets and Administration, as well as the International Department , reporting directly to the management of the company, who answers to our international customers.